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Single beds

From usual to new, find 3FT Single Bed frames at cheap prices. If you want to make more of your space, go for a storage space bed or one that you can slide under bed storage beneath. At Comfibeds we have a huge range of single beds. So buy all beds in cheap and affordable single beds.

At 3ft inches wide small single beds are perfect for smaller bedrooms, and at Comfibeds you will find a huge variety of little single bed to decide from. We present a variety of small single metal beds in a diversity of designs and colors, many aimed towards the younger bedroom with brilliant colors and funky designs.

Each small single bed is a UK usual small single bed border size which takes a mattress. These Shorty beds are normally destined for younger children who maybe feel painful on a full-length mattress. Please see our individual products for the precise option which are available for each product.

Single Bed with storage

At Comfibeds we are providing beds and mattresses in different sizes it will increase the efficiency of your bedroom. If your bedroom is small then a single bed with storage is a good choice for you. And a great extra is that you not at all have to space beneath!

Under-bed storage

Your bed has a secret which is hiding storage space. With under-bed storage space, you can keep duvets, further pillows, and off-season clothes with pleasure easy to get to but out of the way. Choose under-bed storage space boxes with a lid that keeps those blasted dirt bunnies out, too.