Divan beds comes with stylish drawers. So these beds are the perfect for those who are looking for extra storage. You can easily pull attached drawers from the base. In these drawers you can easily hide shoes, clothes and seasonal bedding. Comfibeds offer divan beds in different styles and range including single, double and king size.

Benefits of Divan Bed Base

Comfibeds offer beds with mattress and a platform base so you do not need to worry about finding separate mattresses and bed frames. Due to this you can easily buy king size divan beds base you just need to select your size and headboard.

Most importantly these beds help you to free up space in your drawers and your cupboard too.  As a result divan base are perfect for bedrooms where floor space is important. You can hide all your clutter stored discreetly under your bed.

Most importantly, divan bed base comes with different mattress options so if you prefer a traditional spring mattress or a memory foam mattress, you still have that choice to make.

Storage Options

These beds comes with 1, 2 or even 4 drawers options . 3ft divan bed sale have only two drawers option that is one large foot end drawer and second one is 2 drawers on same side. All other sizes of divan bed sale have six drawers option. Our 2+2 drawers’ divan beds have two combined drawers at either side of the bed, with larger drawers at the foot end and smaller drawers at the head. This will allow you to open your bedside tables at the same time.

Comfibeds offering wide range of divan beds with different colors, styles and mattress within suitable prices. If you need any support with choosing your bed, please contact us we will response you ASAP.

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4FT6 Double Champagne Divan Bed

£329.99 £289.99

5FT King Size Charcoal Fabric Divan Bed


6FT Super King Size Grey Suede Divan Bed

£349.99 £309.99

Black Damask Cotton Divan Bed Set + Orthopaedic Spring Memory Foam Mattress

£189.00 £139.00

Divan Bed Set + Spring Foam Mattress + Headboard + Storage Options

£189.00 £139.00

Divan Bed Set with Headboard and Orthopaedic Memory Topped Mattress

£189.00 £139.00

Divan Bed with Memory Foam Mattress and FREE Suede Headboard

£189.00 £139.00

Divan Bed with Micro Quilted Dual Spring Memory Foam Mattress

£189.00 £139.00

Divan Bed with Orthopaedic Spring Mattress and Headboard

£189.00 £139.00

Divan Bed with Premium Hybrid 6000 Pocket Spring Memory Mattress

£189.00 £139.00

Divan Leather Bed Base Only Available With Multiple Storage Options

£189.00 £139.00

Fabric Divan Bed with Luxury Hand Tufted Damask Mattress With Headboard

£189.00 £139.00