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Triple sleeper bunk beds

If your room has limited space, then Triple sleeper bunk beds are perfect for your room. The beauty of a bunk bed is that it offers two beds while only taking up the space of one bed. Triple bunk beds go one step further. This bed offers a double sleeping area on the bottom bunk, so there will be three-bed at once.

At comfibeds we have a wide collection of kids triple bunk bed. If your kids share their room, then our triple sleepers with a single bed on the top and a double-sized bottom bunk are ideal for them. A most important feature of this bed that they can save space for three separate bed. So this can help you to free up space in your room. Kids bunk beds have a lot of built-in options. Firstly, these kids bed comes with slanted ladders for safe easy access to the top bunk. Secondly, these beds have Metal tube slats with centre spacers for a sturdy secure base for your mattress or solid wood design. Most importantly if you want to utilize space in your child bedroom then these beds perfect for you.

At comfibeds we have a wide collection of a kids bunk bed in a variety of colours and styles. Browse our website now and get a perfect bed for your kid at reasonable prices. We are offering FREE Delivery all over the UK Mainland. Get this opportunity now. If you have any question message us our responsive team will reply you ASAP!